Blobs in Balance

What is this game about?

Blobs in Balance is a simple yet challenging game for mobile devices. Levels are small and perfectly suited for short gaming sessions. The game is based on a simple concept: Drop as many slimes on the screen as possible! Each level has a certain record you have to beat. However, dropping blobsis not that easy: Spikes, lava, water and pitfalls will get your blobs killed. Thus you have to carefully pile up your blobs in a way they don't fall! The game makes use of the CocoonJS physics engine including shaky platforms, toddling slime piles and tricky seesaws!

How to play?

Control is simple (see pictures above). Place your finger next to the blob creator in the screen center. By moving yor finger in circles around the blob you can turn it in any direction. If you're done, just drag the blob icon to any place on screen and drop it. A blob will appear right at your fingertip. That way you can drop your blobs anywhere you like and built your piles of blobs.

How do you beat a level?











The number in the upper left shows how many blobs you have to create till you beat the record. Once you drop enough blobs, a countdown of seven seconds will appear. After that countdown, you win the level and can proceed to the next one. If a blob gets killed during countdown, however, it will restart. After you set a new record, you can visit the level any time you like and try to beat your own record.

How do you lose?

If three of your blobs get killed, you won't be able to drop any more. However, you can simply restart the level as often as you like.

What else to say?

The game contains 30 levels and is available for free on Google play market.